A Fresh Approach to Retirement

What if retirement was not an end, but instead, a beginning?  Not your grandparents’ retirement, but a whole new stage of life filled with possibilities.  We are living longer, in better health, and generally have more abundance than prior generations of retirees.  In his book, The Big Shift, Marc Freedman discusses how we may be beyond middle age, yet have not arrived at old age.  A whole new stage of life is developing which he likens to a second adolescence.

When we think of retirement this way, it contains so much promise.  And yet, how do we get there?  How do we get off the track of working, getting the kids through college and managing our parents’ health care and begin to focus on ourselves?  And how do we give ourselves permission to do this?  This is where the concept of the Thriving Retirement Plan was germinated.  I had clients coming to me saying they are worried because they don’t know what retirement will look like.  They didn’t mean from a money viewpoint as we had well covered their ability to retire financially.  What would they do when they woke up in the morning?  Who would be in their world? The Thriving Retirement Plan is an invitation to dream, to think about what is possible.  It will take the stress out of retiring as you will walk into a successful retirement knowing exactly how to get started.  Like all good plans it will evolve over time, but it provides the perfect starting point. Click here to learn the aspects of a Thriving Retirement Plan.